About us

Sarah is owned by lovable Dalmatian, Coconut, who is inquisitive and playful. Coconut loves nothing more than getting out and frolicking in the sunshine. He absolutely adores the company of people and is always up for a scratch on the tummy!

Combining a love for dogs with shopping, fashion, travel, food and wine – Barkers Bazaar is a
magazine for you and your urban pooch!

As the founder of one of the original pet lifestyle boutiques in 2004, Sarah Seddon has developed
Barkers Bazaar with 3 underlying core values: creativity, entertainment and fun.

These are manifested in these ways:

• The promise of fun and entertainment each quarter – a reason to download the next
seasonable publication
• Content that features stories to enrich the lives of the reader through interaction,
discovery, enjoyment and imagination
• Unveiling the best products, services and dog friendly destinations in the pet lifestyle
• A commitment to the long-term wellbeing of dogs and their people

Barkers Bazaar is a seasonal collection of handpicked and curated favourite features, articles and